Stop Executions in Iran!

September 6, 2007

 On the occasion of 10th October, International Day against Death Penalty Stop Executions in Iran! Open letter to: Secretary-General of United NationsMr. Ban                                                                             28 September 2007 As you are aware, 10th October is international day against death penalty. We urge you to take appropriate actions to stop executions in Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran has executed hundreds of people in Iran since it came to power in 1979. People in Iran live under one of the most brutal and suppressive dictatorships under the rule of Islamic regime. The Islamic Republic of Iran should be strongly condemned for violation of human rights, executions, torture and stoning.  People in Iran are arrested, tortured and executed for their political views, having sexual relations outside marriage, being drug users, etc. Not even children are spared this murderous act. Many under aged young girls and boys have been executed in Iran for being homosexuals or having sexual relations. According to Amnesty International’s report for 2005, Iran has the second highest number of executions with at least 94 executions in that year. This number is on the increase every year and has made media coverage all over the world. This year alone 174 have been executed. Death penalty is state organised murder. It must be banned. The Islamic Republic of Iran must be condemned for violating human rights of its citizens. Islamic Republic of Iran does not represent the people in Iran and should be expelled from all international organisations.    We urge your office to condemn the executions carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The people of Iran see the Iranian regime as the cause of all misery inflicted on them and demand its officials to be tried in International court of law for mass murder. We urge your office to do the same.  

Kind regards

 Ali Javadi

Secretary of the Central Committee of Worker communism Unity Party


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